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Scottish Legend

coming in April 2007

Mama's Lemon Pie    ~ a celebration of motherhood ~

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Charity's Gift

Oregon Flame  

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Charity's Gift

The Refiner's Gift coming in 2007  

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Search for the Bark Warwick

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Oregon Flame

Scottish Legend   coming in 2007

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Gardenia Sunrise

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The Warwick Saga

Historical fiction at its very best!

Complete in two books.


Search for the Bark Warwick

Beginning with the stowaway who interrupts and changes Johnís life forever, and concluding with Johnís desperate search for his captive son, Thomas, this historical novel, based loosely on a true story, is a stirring tale of surprise, compassion, love and tenacious devotion to family. The story of a genuine hero in 1630's England, Search for the Bark Warwick will keep you on the edge of your seat, and leave you begging for more.  Click on the cover's photo for a sneak peek of Search for the Bark Warwick.

Granite Publishing  ISBN# 1-932280-33-2 

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Search for the Warwick II

Proving once and for all why she is known as the writer of miracles, Sherry Ann Millerís absorbing sequel, Search for the Warwick II, concludes the search for John Dunton's son who is enslaved in 1630's Algeria, where a generous reward has been offered for John's capture. Now, John must not only find Thomas, he must avoid recapture while he and his devoted crew attempt to outsail and outmaneuver a horde of evil pirates. Nothing else matters to John or his men . . . not even their own lives.  Click on the photo for a sneak peek of Search for the Warwick II.

Granite Publishing   ISBN# 1-932280-95-2  

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