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Books coming in 2007:

Scottish Legend

coming in April 2007

Mama's Lemon Pie        ~ a celebration of motherhood ~

coming in April 2007

The Refiner's Gift

coming in August 2007

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2006 Releases:

Charity's Gift

Oregon Flame  

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One Last Gift

An Angel's Gift

The Tyee's Gift

Charity's Gift

The Refiner's Gift          coming in August 2007

Warwick Saga:

Search for the Bark Warwick

Search for the Warwick II

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Oregon Flame

Scottish Legend     coming in April 2007

Other Books:

Gardenia Sunrise

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My Favorite Links


My Favorite Links


Granite Publishing & Distribution, L.L.C.

This is the company that publishes my novels and novellas.

We have a good working relationship and their dedicated staff

works long and hard to keep my books on booksellers' shelves:


    LDStorymakers, the online place where great authors hang out and talk shop.

Storymakers sponsor a conference each year for aspiring and published authors.

To learn more about the conference, or Storymakers, please go to the LDStorymakers website:


My Favorite Authors'

sites can be found at:


LDS Fiction Readers, an online community of men and women who love to read LDS Fiction:


Romance Writers of America, the national organization: 


Faith, Hope and Love, the inspirational outreach group for Romance Writers of America:


LDS Romance Writers, an online community of Romance Writers:


      Latter Day Authors, an online community of aspiring and published LDS authors.                       

This group sponsors BIAW and other creative events:


The Mayflower Society, home to descendants of the Mayflower Pilgrims.

These are my pilgrim ancestors who came on the Mayflower:

Edward Fuller, Thomas Rogers, Francis Eaton and Peter Browne:


This site shows the genealogical data for

Direct Ancestors of Frank and Sherry Ann Miller.

Check it out and see if we are distant cousins:




New England Historic Genealogical Society, the research place for Colonial Ancestors:


The family resource/research place to find hints regarding your own ancestral links:


The most comprehensive family research site on the web:


Other sites I frequent often:







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