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   Oregon Flame


   Nicole Travis could easily fall for Wade Reilly’s fiery charm . . . if only she could trust him. But, how can Nicole ever believe Wade’s sincerity? He took advantage of her brother, and destroyed her relationship with her fiancé.


Granite Publishing & Distribution

ISBN: 1-59936-005-5

          Oregon Flame

Sneak Peek:


    Sharelle could not see anything; her eyelids were swollen so badly that all she could feel were slits for her eyes. Blood streaked down her face, stained her arms and hands, and bubbled from between her bruised lips. Inhaling painfully, she fought for every intake of breath which came in short, raspy gasps.

Her long hair, damp and stringy from her own blood, kept getting in her way. If she had a pair of scissors, she would cut it off so that it could no longer impede her progress. Now, all she could do was move it methodically to the side of her battered body so she wouldn’t lean on it with her elbow, which only tore it in bunches from her scalp as she moved upward.

Somewhere above her, she could hear cars passing by. Around her she could smell the damp earth, the green ferns, the forest’s pine scent. She could taste the blood in her mouth, but she spit it out often, determined not to swallow any.

Resolved she would not die in this overgrown ravine where her family may never find her body, she continued to pull herself up, half an inch at a time, scraping her elbows and arms as her hands grasped onto ferns and blackberry bushes in her struggle upward.

Rubbing her fingers together for warmth, Sharelle realized with horror that her ring was gone. The diamond ring her grandmother had given her had vanished. Where was it? She could not remember.

For some unknown reason, she could not feel her legs or her feet. Were they even attached to her body? Sharelle worried about this, too.

But, the driving force behind her actions, putting all concern for herself out of her mind, was the vision of her mother’s face if her only daughter suddenly disappeared without a trace. Sharelle could not let that happen. She had no other choice but to inch herself up the side of the ravine until she reached the road. Surely, someone would find her body there. Sharelle would at least be afforded a decent burial. And her beloved mother would have closure.


Oregon Flame


Chapter One          
    “Stop!” Nicole warned as she pulled the butt of her forty-four Mauser hunting rifle against her shoulder and aimed the barrel directly at the intruder’s head, sighting right between his wide blue eyes.
    “If you’ll let me explain,” he said calmly, holding out a hand while taking a step toward her.
    “Pretty tough to explain why a stranger is standing in my house wearing nothing but a towel and a cocky smile! I’m completely within my rights to shoot you!” she exclaimed, anger assuaging any fear she had felt earlier. At first she had been terrified to find an intruder in her house. Her panic had been replaced with fury.
    The man took another step across the hall threshold, his bare foot settling on the living room carpet. At that moment, Nicole knew she would have to scare him before he would believe she was dead serious about shooting him. “I’m warning you!”


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Granite Publishing

ISBN#  1-59936-005-5

Fourth novella in Granite's "Love Notes Collection",  hailed nationally as "Romance You Can Trust."



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