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Books coming in 2007:

Scottish Legend

coming in April 2007

Mama's Lemon Pie   a celebration of motherhood

coming in April 2007

The Refiner's Gift

coming in August 2007

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Charity's Gift

Oregon Flame  

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One Last Gift

An Angel's Gift

The Tyee's Gift

Charity's Gift

The Refiner's Gift       coming in 2007

Warwick Saga:

Search for the Bark Warwick

Search for the Warwick II

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Oregon Flame

Scottish Legend coming in April 2007

Other Books:

Gardenia Sunrise

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Books In Progress:


Sariah’s Back Door  A compelling time-travel mystery-romance.

Thank You, Mr. President A fictional embellishment of a father's campaign years as seen through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old girl.

Changing of the Guard   A collection of Sherry Ann Miller's inspirational experiences from a lifetime of striving to follow the Savior's Plan.

Victoria’s Lullaby  A dramatic time-travel comedy-romance.

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And, don't miss my new middle grade readers' series, coming soon. The first installment,



and the

Kingdom of Rahme


The Aanadra Series will grip your heart and sweep

you into an amazing realm of fantasy

where eleven-year-old, Aanadra, and her brother, Rauel, are left

in a cave in the middle of the night by their parents, who

lead the Lumarian guards away from the two children,

and in so doing, spare their lives.

All her life, Aanadra had been prepared for this very moment,

but her parents forgot to tell her

the object of the guards' search

would be to capture

Aanadra's own mother!







Sherry Ann Miller "writer of miracles".
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