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   Ever wonder how I came up with a name like Shoosey-Q for our sailing vessel? As a child, I hated to wear shoes (and still do). My father started calling me Shoosey when all attempts at trying to teach me to leave my shoes on failed. As I grew up, so did Pop's nickname for me. By the time I was fifteen, it had changed from Shoosey to the monstrous nickname:        

Shoosey - Cuesey - Shmuckle - Roosey - Shmoo!


     Desperate to change that horrendous name, I struck a bargain with my father: I would wear shoes, provided he shortened my nickname to Shoosey-Q. He agreed, but most of the time after that Pop called me his “little Shoosey.” The last words my father said to me when I arrived at the hospital, shortly before he crossed the veil, were, “I love you little Shoosey. Thank you for coming.”

    I wasn't the only one Pop gave unusual nicknames. All seven of my living brothers and sister have their own special nicknames. My hubby and I carried on my father's tradition, and all of our descendants have nicknames, too, beginning with Tiger Joe, our first-born son, all the way down the line to Little Brenn, our twenty-seventh grandchild.

    If you ever see the Shoosey-Q out and about in NW waters, I hope you’ll say “Hello.” Just hail me on VHF channel sixteen (16), and I’ll go to a working channel for a nice visit.

Of course, my hair is highlighted with lots of silver now, so don't expect me to look quite as young as in this photo.



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