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    One Last Gift, book one in the Gift Series 

   "I must tell you, I enjoyed One Last Gift very much, as did my girls. I have lent it to several people who also enjoyed it. And I am giving one to my other six children for Christmas. I can't wait for the next one to come out."            --Lora Bastian, Garland, Utah

   "You have a wonderful gift -- keep on writing!"    --Helen Pink, SLC, Utah

   "I've just finished reading your book (One Last Gift) and I'm sure it is an inspiration to all who read it."  --Dan Chiolis, Pleasanton, CA

   "I couldn't sleep last night so I got up at 3:30 A.M. and finished your book  (One Last Gift) . You made me cry! Are you happy? I am very impressed with your writing. I think you should do very well. You'll no doubt develop a loyal following among LDS folks . . . I should point out that it is extremely rare for me to read anything other than text books or magazine articles. It takes a lot to grab my attention and pull me into a story. You did that. You are in rare company with Mitchner and Tolkien . . . but don't let it go to your head!"  --Sonia Hurt, Sailing the NW.

   "I just finished your book (One Last Gift)  and enjoyed it very much. It's a story that one doesn't want to put down. You did a great job. Are you going to do more? What a talent you have!"  --Florence Stone, Escondido, CA

   "Truly enjoyed reading your book (One Last Gift). All done in two days! Keep up the good work!"  --Kathy Ogden, Elizabethtown, KY

   "Your novel, One Last Gift, is well written!!!" --Gerhard Jansen, SLC, Utah

   "Your book (One Last Gift)  was thoroughly enjoyed!" --Heather Waters, President FCRW, Coordinator: Beacon Contest for Published Authors (One Last Gift placed third in this competition).

   "One Last Gift brought me home to Utah;  it was just like I was there! It renewed my testimony!"  --Peggy Purcell, Albuquerque, NM

   "Sherry Ann Miller has written a true-to-life story reminding us that even during our deepest trials we all have a father who loves us, is aware of us, and wants to help us in a personal and profound way. This book (One Last Gift) is an experience in giving and receiving the best gift of all -- love of parents, both earthly and eternal."  --Julie A. Bellon, author On The Edge

   "After reading this book , my daughter said, 'Mom, you have to read One Last Gift.' Once I picked it up, I could hardly put it down. It was great, from the first page to the last. The only time you will want to put it down is to get a tissue to dry your eyes. A joy to read."  --Joyce Fife, of Orem, UT

* * * * * * * * *

  An Angel's Gift, book two in the Gift Series 

   ""I have read all of your books at least twice. I just finished reading An Angel's Gift for the second time. Thank you! Thank you! We forget how thin the veil really is.  When I read One Last Gift, I really had a hard time with it, emotionally. When I read Gardenia Sunrise, it was the same. But when I read An Angel's Gift, it really, really got to me. I have struggled for several years with this very thing, and you made me realize that it is all possible. I can't wait for the sequel to An Angel's Gift. You have a wonderful talent and a way of letting us see how things can really be if we have FAITH!"   --Diane Robertson, Orem, Utah

   "I read An Angel's Gift, and I loved it very much. You are a  great writer, I love all of your books. I can relate to all the characters and feel their hurts and joys."   --Ida Nelson, Idaho

   "Gee, thanks a bunch Sherry Ann. Thanks to your An Angel's Gift I got a total of maybe four hours sleep last night. For those who've read it, you know what I mean. I started reading it late yesterday afternoon, and got so engrossed in it I couldn't put it down . . . thus, so much for my wife's "To-Do" list. I want you to know, I accomplished nothing last night except reading your book. I hope I'm making you feel downright guilty, Sherry! Just Kidding.    :-) What a great novel!"   --Kyle Smith, Taylorsville, Utah

   "I was very impressed with An Angel's Gift and could not put it down. It is emotionally and spiritually uplifting. An Angel's Gift had me looking at my own life, to see what was missing and how I can fix it.  I can't wait for the next one to come out."   --Tina Hansen, Bountiful, Utah

   "I fell in love with One Last Gift, and was thrilled when I heard there would be a sequel. I couldn't WAIT to read it! Nor was I disappointed! Sherry Ann Miller has a knack of drawing the reader into the lives of her creations. An Angel's Gift is no exception! I laughed and cried, and all the time I kept thinking, Ed has to get Alyssa! After all, it's a romance and the hero always gets his girl . . . doesn't he?"   --Sheila J. Boyd, SLC, Utah

   "I loved An Angel's Gift! I read One Last Gift and I couldn't put it down! I had to know what would happen to Kayla. When I found out there was a sequel, I couldn't wait to read it.  Once again, I couldn't put it down and I cried through at least half of it. . . ."   --Breeann Law

   "I wanted to send along my thoughts and feelings about One Last Gift and An Angel's Gift. I read both of them really fast, ignoring almost everything but work. The stories were both wonderful. The feelings from the books were wonderful. I felt such a strong spirit within the stories that I had a hard time forgetting and moving on to another book after finishing them. I do believe in miracles and I am so glad for them in my life and in my heart. Thank you for sharing your strength and your spirit as you write your stories and pass them along."   --Robyn Cox

   "I recently lost my father, and have felt his presence many times since his passing. I have always felt that love and guidance comes from those beyond the veil, and was thrilled to have that same message portrayed in your book, An Angel's Gift. Although this is the first book I have read of yours, it will certainly not be the last. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful works. Thank you!"    --Johanna Thorson

   "I just finished An Angel's Gift and thoroughly enjoyed it. To have 'angels' (deceased loved ones) appear to one, how wonderful! Thank you for writing such wonderful stories."     --Lois L. Larsen, Emmett, Idaho

   "I have just finished reading your books One Last Gift and An Angel's Gift. I was so touched by both stories. I have felt the blessing of angels in my life and just felt so complete when I finished One Last Gift, as if it gave me a tangible power for believing in angels. Thanks for the good stories . . ."            --Debra Packer

   "I just read An Angel's Gift. I read it over the weekend in the mountains while my husband and sons were fishing. That is my idea of a vacation! I loved the book, and when I was done my husband read it, and now that we are home our daughter will take it home to read while her baby sleeps. It was a great read. . . "     --Patti Clement, Mesa AZ  

   An Angel's Gift placed first in the Write Touch Readers' Award, tied for first in the Beacon Awards for published authors, and fourth in the Utah Heart of the West competition.

* * * * * * * *

   The Tyee's Gift, book three in the Gift Series 

   "Sherry Ann Miller's intrinsic storytelling abilities have blessed us again, with The Tyee's Gift; a beautiful tale conveying the importance of learning from our heritage and trusting in our heart, while following the prompting of the Holy Ghost.  The Tyee's Gift will envelope you in the picturesque surroundings of the Pacific Northwest, while warming your heart and uplifting your soul."    --Tamra Norton, author Molly Mormon series

   "I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed The Tyee's Gift. I stayed up until 3:30 this morning to finish it . . . My favorite book you have written is Gardenia Sunrise. I've read it over and over."   --Noelle Platt

   "I have just finished reading The Tyee's Gift and I enjoyed it very much. I had already read the first two books in the series and each time was very happy to know that there was another one coming. And then when I bought this one (I have all three now) I was thrilled to know that there are two more to come. You have quickly become one of my favorite LDS authors! Thank you so much for making miracles a major part of your stories I love reading about them. And thank you for sharing your testimony. It serves to strengthen mine.
   "I am also looking forward to reading Search for the Bark Warwick and Search for the Warwick II.  I know that I will enjoy them every bit as much as the others. It sounds like I will need to expand my collection.
   "Thank you again for sharing your talents in such a delightful way."
     --Sylvia B. Anderson

   "I finished The Tyee's Gift today. It was GREAT as usual, but I didn't want it to end."    --Jackie Arnold

   "The Tyee's Gift was amazing and an inspiration to me."  --Jennifer Manlove

   "I have read The Tyee's Gift and thoroughly enjoyed it . . . you gave me so much pleasure reading it."     --Ivy Spencer, SLC, Utah

* * * * * * * *

Gardenia Sunrise, a stand alone novel Gardenia Sunrise

   "I just finished reading Gardenia Sunrise and had to let you know how wonderful it was! You are a fantastic writer!  . . . your book brought me such joy. May Heavenly Father continue to bless you as you write. You help strengthen testimonies."   --Anamarie Roy (Anamarie, please contact me for your free copy of An Angel's Gift)

   "I loved your story. I bought Gardenia Sunrise two weekends ago and fell in love with it. I think you are a wonderful writer and I look forward to reading more."   --Ruth Brewer  (Ruth, please contact me for your free copy of An Angel's Gift)

   "Your book (Gardenia Sunrise) arrived yesterday afternoon! I got up early this morning and did not stop until I had read the whole book! I was so glad I did not have any pressing obligation because it was hard to put down! It was nice to have a book that conveyed our church's views and standards. My daughter asked if it made me cry . . . that is an indicator in this family if something is good and I had to tell her it did! You have a gift -- which I thank you for sharing!"   --Doloris Dutton

   "I have devoured your books cover to cover. I loved the first two, but especially Gardenia Sunrise. I find myself thinking of the settings of the book as very real places that I am now anxious to go visit. The characters are written so well as to make me cry or even laugh right out loud with their joy. My testimony has been strengthened, and my personal goals renewed, to be of more comfort and cheer to my family. . . "   --Penny Butler

   "I recently read Gardenia Sunrise and absolutely loved it!"   --Marcy Frey

   "Thank you so much for An Angel's Gift, and Gardenia Sunrise and One Last Gift. I read each one as it was new. In August I read all three, and last night I finished reading them again. I can't thank you enough for sharing your gift with all us readers. I can't wait until you publish another book. Your testimony comes through so wonderfully in all of yours books. I'm 72 and many days not able to do much, but I have these great books to take my mind off myself and live the great stories of your characters."   --Barbara Anderson  (and thank YOU, Barbara, for bringing your copies of my books to my book signing in Brigham City in December. To know that you came from so far away to see me made me feel uplifted and loved. Please know that you are very special in my life . . . )

* * * * * * * *

Search for the Bark Warwick, first in the Warwick Saga 

   "I went to see my grandkids in Utah and Idaho and got your book, Search for the Bark Warwick, and had to write and tell you how much I LOVED it. It only took me a few days to read because it was hard to put down. . . "  --Jackie Arnold

   "Just finished reading Search for the Bark Warwick  this morning, what a fantastic book! From the first pages till the ending, I just didn't want to put it down! You've outdone yourself, girl!!! Can't wait for the sequel . . . I really enjoyed the notes at the end, too, referencing historical aspects and those that were fictional. Glad you did that. I came to love John Dunton almost instantly for his integrity and kind heart and your Rebecca is perfectly matched with him. What can I say?  I LOVE this book!!!"   --Margie Kawamoto

   "I read Search for the Bark Warwick & LOVED it!!! I can't wait for the sequel to see if John Dunton finds his son."   --Jenny Manlove

   "Thank you so much for autographing my copy of Search for the Bark Warwick. What a treasure! My sister read it to me over the phone for more than an hour, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Once I got my copy, I started reading and didn't stop until it was finished. I read aloud to my husband a good part of the book and we both agreed this is our new favorite book. I've been telling all my friends and family about it. . . Thanks again and may heaven smile down upon you."    --Lora McLaughlin

   "Oh, for the days of pirates, sailing ships, exciting battles on the open sea, brave and daring heroes and beautiful damsels in distress. Sherry Ann Miller blends action, adventure, romance, heartache and triumph in her beautifully written historical romance, Search for the Bark Warwick. I have thoroughly enjoyed every page of Sherry's popular novels and this is, without a doubt, her very best work yet. Enjoy!"  --Larry Forner, author Joseph's Cross and Dawn in Garden Bay.

  "WOW!! It is difficult to put into words how powerful and fantastic Search for the Bark Warwick is, from the first page to the last. You will never read another book about a heroine who experiences such love and adventure. The first chapter sparked my attention, and I found myself completely swept up in a daring and original story, so taut with edge-of-the-seat suspense, that it took my breath away. This is the kind of thrilling, romantic history from which dreams are made. BRAVO!!"   --Mindy L. Pickrell

  "Congratulations Sherry Ann! When I received your book, Search for the Bark Warwick, I put down the book I was reading and read your book in two sittings. I had a hard time putting it down. It is one of my very favorites of all time. . . Too bad you can't put out 2 books a week to keep me going. . . You really embarrassed me, by the way. I was reading it on the train with tears streaming down my cheeks. Can you imagine what my engineer (my boss) was thinking about me? Once the word gets out about Search for the Bark Warwick, you will have no peace. I can actually see this one on the New York Times #1 best seller list."    --Roarke Stone

  "I wanted to tell you that I finished Search for the Bark Warwick, and loved every page of it!  For much of it, my heart was pounding so hard, that I had to remind myself to breathe, and couldn't wait to turn each page, as I was so caught up in the characters, I felt as though I was living each adventure with them. . . . "       --Diane Anglesey

   "Thank you so much for sending me a copy of Search for the Bark Warwick. I have been reading it during periods of 'down time' in my office. It's great. You write beautifully and with a love of things nautical which I share."   --Daniel Paull, Cardiac Surgeon VMMC

* * * * * * * *

Search for the Warwick II, concluding story in the 

Warwick Saga 

"Sherry Ann Miller captures sights and sounds of a buccaneer age in this compelling sequel to Search for the Bark Warwick. This grand sea adventure moves toward its miraculous conclusion with hurricane speed. Finding young Thomas becomes more than two men's obsession and one woman's dream as loyal sailors brave both pirates and elements on turbulent seas."   --Anne Bradshaw, author Terracotta Summer and Chamomile Winter

   "What a great read! Once you have Sherry Ann Miller's Search for the Warwick II in your hands, you won't want to put it down until you've read through to the very end. Within minutes you're traveling beside John Dunton, experiencing his passion as he determinedly searches for his captive son, Thomas, now traveling the high seas as a pirate's slave. John's quest is fraught with danger and intrigue, and that special miracle that is Sherry Ann's story-telling trademark. You'll find yourself not just reading a story, but actually living a grand adventure."    --Margie Kawamoto

   "Search for the Bark Warwick was absolutely my favorite of all your books but it left me on tenterhooks -- what happened to Thomas?? I was so eager to read the sequel, Search for the Warwick II, I did it in one weekend! Once again you combined history and adventure and suspense in a very human setting that left me satisfied. That is not to say I wouldn't just as eagerly anticipate a third novel in the series, as well!"  --Irma Furman

* * * * * * * *

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